Yesterday I had the honor to receive my first breath work with abdomen massage therapy from Emiko. After her informative introduction of the procedure – which I highly appreciated because it gave me kind of an impression what to expect – I was asked simply observing my breath flow in and out, and to follow Emiko’s instructions. That’s how my today's’ journey got started. Although the abdomen is perceived as an unprotected and vulnerable area, Emiko’s first gentle and caring touch with her warm hand, let me immediately connect with her.

During the treatment I was gently guided step by step into a deeper state, with the effect that I was sensing each and every cell vibrating throughout my body and beyond – truly a powerful and lively experience.Towards the end, I felt like I was floating, absolutely carried and save. My mind was wandering off and I had an amazing visualization – where I found myself at the most beautiful place, peaceful and calm. In this moment of total relaxation I felt extremely grateful that my eyes were filling with tears of happiness. As a result, this situation of total acceptance of what is, supported an energy release of old stuff being triggered from my subconsciousness.

What an effective treatment, what a delightful moment. I still feel light, happy and closer to my true self. Words are insufficient to express my deep gratitude for Emiko’s wonderful and very dedicated healing work. And I know that people like Emiko can heal the world. Emiko, thank you so much for your honest support on my personal journey.


Massage that One will NEVER forget. I received Thai massage from Emiko, it was a great treatment. Recently my hip muscle feel tight and sore, and after Emiko's massage I feel a lot better. The variety of Thai massage poses is one of the reasons I liked it so much. There are many poses which you can never imagine and always surprised me. I highly recommend Emiko's massage, it's an exciting journey.


I have been lucky enough to have received a massage from Emiko two times, and both times I walked away feeling like a new man. It is truly a stress relieving, relaxing experience. Her dedication to learning is evident in her technique. She is a true professional. If I were rich, I would offer her a job to give me a Thai massage every morning.


I received "Thai" massage from Emiko tonight and I feel totally incredible. There is magic in her touch. My whole body is light as a feather. She is very caring, sweet and totally attentive to what your body needs. I hope to have a "Thai" massage from her again very soon. :)


Emiko, can do wonders with her hands. I really loved her massage. I feel so relaxed after she finished with me. Thanks Emiko, if I could afford I would love to have a massage like this once every two weeks. Hope I will see you again. Thanks and good luck.


I had honer to receive a first Thai massage from Emiko and has been the best experience I had, and I am very tough when it come to massage. She is wonderful, caring knowing your needs and I felt emotional in some part of it I felt want to cry and I assume due to the release of the stress. Thank you Emiko and will for sure want to have a Thai massage with you again and again.


Thank you Emiko you were able to tell where all my tight spots were and work through them. Everything feel so well know it's so nice and good. You were very perceptive and very giving in your massage and I could feel everything flowing through you to me. Thank you.


Thank you for the wonderful experience. I would like to have your massages everyday. Thank you.


Thanks very much Emiko it was wonderful wonderful massage. I hope I can book another one, because of standing for long long time my whole body is very very stiff. I love when you massage my head and stomach my body different direction which open up my body and now I am feeling so relax. I never had such good massage ever before. I hope you also start giving lesson. Thank you Thank you so much. I am very lucky to experience such wonderful massage.


Thank you Emiko for a wonderful massage! This is the first time that I have experienced Thai massage and I found it very energizing and uplifting. I think you are very dedicated and skillful in your practice and wish you all the success!! And I urge to be able to receive more massages in the future with you. Namaste.